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and be in charge of your own budget and exciting itinerary…


Why Choose Us?

We have 20 years of experience and know what makes the best vacation. We’ve dealt with hundreds of clients have passed through us and we always learn that this was their trip f a lifetime.

Asking the right questions at the beginning helps us tailor the tour towards you.

About us

We are a very friendly team led by veteran Galapagos Guide, Paul McFarling. We are based in Galapagos and Ecuador.

Tour packages we recommend

Most Popular Packages


Great options for colleges and universities. Tours that include credits, lectures and lots of activity

Accommodation only

Take an apartment, house or villa and simply relax and explore, adding tours as and when you feel

Explore Galapagos

With many islands and visitor sites, get to know what is where and how best to see it

Group Travel

A large number of people may create new options and better prices. Find out more about what we recommend


We have a branch that specializes in the multitude of cruise options. A cruise will get you to the far-flung parts of the archipelago but the right itinerary, guide and vessel is key to the success of your trip

Activities and Preparation

Snorkeling, kayaking, hiking or diving. What you can do to prepare in advance

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